Art Deco Mirror Compact "Homage à Montreal", Gold-Plated Sterling Silver

€ 1590

Limited Edition Collection of 75 Compacts

Enamelled gold-plated Silver Box with Grapevine Decor

€ 1045


Art is not only sculptures or paintings on the wall. Art can also be found in decorative elements and objects of everyday use. These can be of very different kinds: an exquisite vase, an exclusively designed casket on one’s writing desk – and much more. Because we from are committed to excellent enamel decoration, you will find in our shop the kind of accessories that catch the eye everywhere. The applied arts have influenced whole epochs, and for instance in Art Deco produced genuine works of art – stylish, exquisite and of lasting beauty. You will be sure to find inspiring enamel decoration in our shop!

We leave nothing to chance but choose our manufacturers of enamel decoration very carefully. For we want you to own only first-class accessories of the very highest quality. Only thus can we guarantee exclusivity and the unbeatable elegance of genuine craftsmanship. Because that is what we stand for. We therefore work with artists and established manufacturers who can look back on a long tradition of experience, and who know exactly what is needed. The results are matchless. With our enamel decoration you can fit out your home or your business environment with outstanding elegance in your own unique style, just as you want it. You can be certain that your guests and visitors will turn their heads!

Do you want more than design and the chic that goes with big labels? Do you want something really special? Then we can sincerely recommend our enamel decoration: elegant accessories that will certainly bring you much joy. The enamel décor especially manufactured is limited edition and thus available only for a short period of time. This makes the objects even more exclusive than they are on account of their special design, exquisite materials and elaborate workmanship. Besides enamel decoration we also offer enamel signs and wonderful enamel jewellery – individually made for you!

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