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Ali Lanenga "Fioritura"

Art Deco Earrings, 18K Gold, Diamonds

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Enamelled gold-plated Box with Grapevine Decor


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Sharing the understanding of art is to share the joy of art. We will present a selection of topics and themes.

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Emaille Art – Beauty, Passion and Experience

Emaille Art offers a broad selection of high-quality, enamelled artwork and collector’s pieces. Emaille Art is committed to the beauty of enamelled artwork. We strive to bring a smile to your face and a sparkle to your eyes when you see our artwork.


Emaille Art strives to be carbon-neutral

Emaille Art supports both ecological and social projects. Causes that we hold dear to us. Learn more about our environmental commitments here.


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Here you find webpages and blogs that share our enthusiasm and fascination for enamelled art. Our list provides links to the best webpages for both Collectors and Art-enthusiasts alike.

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