About Us

Emaille Art – Beauty, Passion and Experience

Emaille Art offers a broad selection of high-quality, enamelled artwork and collector’s pieces. Emaille Art is committed to the beauty of enamelled artwork. We strive to bring a smile to your face and a sparkle to your eyes when you see our artwork.

Emaille Art – Passion and Experience

Emaille Art was established in 2020. Emaille Art offers an exclusive collection of handcrafted artwork and collector’s pieces showcasing diverse styles, traditions and cultures. Our collections reflect the life experiences of our founder, Carolina Strauch, as she lived and experienced the cultures of several trans-continental regions including South America, the Middle East and Europe. Driven by her passion for enamelling, our founder learnt the artistic techniques used by goldsmiths from scratch. Emaille Art was created following her idea to start both producing and distributing enamelled artwork, jewellery and accessories.

Emaille Art stands for Exclusivity

Emaille Art’s aim is to offer limited edition collections of artwork. We guarantee the exclusivity of our collections through the production of limited editions of enamel panels, jewellery and accessories. Every edition is certified. Our collections will change to present new themes, styles and artists. We will launch special campaigns that will run for specific and limited periods of time.

Emaille Art’s Ecological Responsibilities

Emaille Art endeavours to be carbon-neutral. Enamelling achieves a natural finish which can be applied to produce long-lasting artwork and collectibles. The melting stage of the enamelling process is, however, known to be highly energy-intensive. Because of this, we have strived to source producers that meet our requirements, whilst also maintaining and upholding compliance with the most stringent European Energy Standards. Emaille Art also support projects and organisations that are dedicated to the conservation of forest habitats, the replantation of forests, as well as wildlife-conservation projects.

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