Art Panels

Ali Lanenga


€ 230

Dimensions 38 cm x 30.5 cm
Limited Edition Collection of 50 Panels

Leonetto Cappiello

“Cognac Monnet – The Sun in a Glass”

€ 1290

Dimensions 60 cm x 40 cm x 2 cm
Limited Edition Collection of 20 Panels

An enamel sign is a highlight on any wall, especially when enamel is combined with art. For the result is an enamel panel that is also a work of art, a very special wall decoration that immediately draws attention. This is what we at offer you: high-quality, exceptional, limited-edition enamel signs that are works of art. For us art is not limited to pictures on canvas but can be fashioned in enamel on metal, creating unique works of art. Discover exclusive signs at our store. Their lustre and clarity will surprise your guests and be a constant joy to you yourself. Because a perfectly placed picture always catches the eye. Just order your enamel signs here in our shop!

We all know what tinplate signs are. They are available in several sizes and models with different designs printed on them. Certainly, such signs are quite pretty. But an ordinary tinplate sign cannot be compared to an enamel sign: the latter are made by fusing enamel onto the metal at temperatures exceeding 800 °C. It is the smelting process that creates the extraordinary glossy effect. The signs are often manufactured using screen printing, though for our artistic enamel signs we use a range of techniques. Small series are always hand-made. An enamel sign from our shop is a piece of high-quality handicraft, not to be compared with a common or garden tinplate sign. Your enamel sign is thus a unique collector’s item. Even after a hundred years, enamel signs lose nothing of their shine. You can buy precious enamel signs, high-quality handicraft products, right here in our shop.

A stylish interior design with décor to suit your taste – an enamel sign has its own character and flair! Placed individually on a wall, our artistic enamel signs create an impressive effect. But enamel signs are not only eye-catchers for the home: an enamel sign can enhance an office too, where it is most certainly a unique accessory. We at offer you high-quality artistic enamel signs that will delight you! Our enamel signs are made in limited editions and are thus exclusive – but for this reason are also only available for short periods of time.

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