Enamelled gold-plated Silver Box with Grapevine Decor

Dimensions 8.3 cm x 4.9 cm x 1 cm (inside)

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    The silver box is forged and gilded 925 Sterling silver. The sides are engraved by hand with a beautiful fan pattern.

    The lid is the gem of the box. Black, glossy enamel encloses a filigree grapevine decor. The meticulous engraving of the grape leaves supports the natural appearance of the ornament. Vines twine finely around the vine leaves. The entire champlevé ornament is hand-engraved.

    The enameled box was manufactured by Salimbeni SNC in Florence. Salimbeni SNC was founded in 1891 and looks back on a long tradition in enamel art. Salimbeni SNC specializes in enameled art works made of silver.

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