Art Deco Mirror Compact "Homage à Montreal", Gold-Plated Sterling Silver

€ 1590

Diameter: 70 mm, Height: 12 mm, Weight: 165 grams, Two Mirrors: 1x Triple Magnification and 1x Standard, Limited Edition Collection of 75 Compacts

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    The lid of the compact has been decorated with a modern Art Deco pattern, which is inspired by designs from the brand Montreal during the 1930s. Montreal was a Paris-based brand renowned for luxury accessories. A flower-shaped emblem has been embedded within a gold frame and a glazed, black enamel. The underside of the compact has, similarly, been decorated with a polished , star-shaped Guilloché pattern.

    The mirror compact is made from 925 Sterling Silver and has been Gold-Plated. It has two internal mirrors – one, of which, has triple magnification.

    The compact was designed by Emaille Art and exclusively manufactured by Salimbeni SNC in Florence. Founded in 1891, Salimbeni SNC has a long-standing heritage in enamel art. Salimbeni SNC specializes in enamelled artwork made with Silver.

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