Emaille Art supports organisations and projects that strive to, both, preserve nature and resolve social issues. 

We see such commitments as our ecological and social responsibility. The enamelling process achieves a natural finish which increases the longevity of our artwork and collectibles. The melting process is, however, highly energy intensive. We consistently strive to ensure our business practices are as carbon-neutral as is feasible.

Madagascan forests are recognised globally as the home of a diverse and rare ecosystem of Flora and Fauna.

As a direct consequence of extensive deforestation, Madagascan forests now face the risk of rapidly declining into an area only a fraction of its original size. WWF collect data through their air-surveillance and patrol missions to track, stop and prevent, illegal logging activities within the forests, whilst also ensuring that the perpetrators face prosecution. WWF also support local communities, through the implementation of reforestation and sustainable, efficient wood-cutting practices.

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