Leonetto Cappiello | Cognac Monnet – The Sun in a Glass

€ 1290

Dimensions 60 cm x 40 cm x 2 cm, Limited Edition Collection of 20 Panels

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    “Cognac Monnet – The Sun in a Glass” is one of Leonetto Cappiello’s most iconic works. The poster stands for the “arabesque” - the moment of surprise and the unique qualities of his ideas and posters.

    For the first time, the “Cognac Monnet” is being reimagined as a full-size, high-quality, enamelled panel. The “Cognac Monnet” was first published in 1927 as a poster, and later on as a motif printed onto the label of Cognac Monnet bottles.

    The Enamel Panels were prepared by combining 4-colour and silk-printing techniques. The full-size image itself is 60cm x 40cm and was printed on a 1.5mm-thick sheet.

    Only 20 Limited Edition enamelled panels were produced by our collaboration partner, Emaillerie Belge.

    Since 1923 Emaillerie Belge has stood for excellence and has consistently prepared enamelled artwork of the highest quality. Emaillerie Belge was awarded the EcoVadis Silver CSR Rating. 

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